Anna Huws gave this blessing as part of our January Prayer Day. If you’d like to hear these words spoken over you, you can find them at the very end of the video, right here. We welcome you to watch the whole Prayer Day video for deeper context. May you be blessed this new year.


I bless you in the mighty name of Jesus.

Dwi’n eich bendithio yn enw Iesu Grist.

I bless you that you may yield to the purposes of God

in your life
in this time
in this season
in this coming year.

I bless you to be a person of curiosity
and not a person who is trying to hold onto control.

I bless you
that as you embrace the mystery, that you would find yourself caught up,
flowing in the river of his grace, going where He takes you

free from worry
free from anxiety
free from fear.

I bless you to rise above your circumstances, and even in a COVID world
I bless you that you may have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Lord is saying to you at this time.

I bless you that you may rise up and soar on wings as an eagle, flying above,
yes, a COVID world, and also any other difficult and challenging circumstances that you face at this time.

And I bless you in those places of pain and despair.

That he may come, that God of hope,
He may fill you, every part of you, and lead you out of the desert into a wide open space where you’re able to feast on Him,
thrive and flourish in every area of your life.

And I bless you that his manifest presence may rest upon you,
that in 2021 you may encounter the bridegroom God in a new way that you  have never seen before or never understood.

I bless you that His presence would break in
in such power
that your life may be transformed,
from glory to glory.

And I bless you
that you may know His protection
that you may know His tenderness
and that you may know His care.

And so we bless  all of these things to you in Jesus’ Mighty name.

Yn enw nerthol Iesu.



Photo by Nick Cozier on Unsplash