On a sunny day this past September, we had the opportunity to celebrate the life and legacy of Phyllida Mould, the founder of Ffald y Brenin. Phyllida passed away in late 2021, and it seemed fitting to have a special time of remembrance right here at Ffald y Brenin, where she lived and served for 28 years.

It was wonderful to see many who have been part of Ffald y Brenin’s story come together from far and wide. The day overflowed with stories of the past, prayer for the future, hugs, tears, and – of course – tea!

“There was that sense of excitement as we approached the drive. It’s full of memories, this place. I could feel the emotion rising and I remembered different seasons we’ve been here … spring, snow in winter… but as we got nearer and I saw the sheer beauty of it all, something did well up within me to say ‘Phyllida, what God put in your heart has exceeded anything we could have imagined.’ “

– Annie Hughes, friend of Phyllida & former Ffald y Brenin Trustee

“Almost the greatest thing about the call of the Lord upon Phyllida and Peter was that the destination that she was invited to travel to is a destination that has become an inheritance for the next generation. And that is why we are here. There is this remarkable thing that has remained in this place, which is a vision that has endured to the next generation.”

– Stuart Bell, Ffald y Brenin Trustee


Phyllida’s memorial was also a wonderful opportunity to launch an updated edition of From Vision to Reality: The Founding of Ffald y Brenin, the incredible story of how Phyllida and Peter faithfully listened to God’s prompting and built Ffald y Brenin. Complete with before and after photos and stories told by Phyllida herself, this book serves as a real encouragement for all who long to pursue God’s call.