Your Stay at Ffald y Brenin During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are delighted to be open to guests. Due to COVID related restrictions, we are only able to offer private, self-catered retreats in the five units where we can provide our guests with a personal bathroom and kitchen. (Unfortunately, we are still closed to day visitors.)

To ensure the safety of yourself, other guests, and staff we kindly ask you to comply with precautions including social distancing, frequent hand washing/hand sanitising, and the wearing of face coverings in communal areas unless you are exempt from wearing one.

Please do not travel to Ffald y Brenin if you are unwell, in self-isolation, or in a local lockdown area. Click here for COVID symptoms.

If you develop COVID symptoms while you are here, we ask that you confine yourself to your room and return home as soon as possible if you are well enough to travel. If it is necessary for the staff to self-isolate then you will be asked to return home.


We are currently gathering outside (weather permitting) for morning (9.30am) and midday (12.45pm) prayers Monday to Friday. When the weather is against us we will meet in the Prayer Room and Day Room. To allow for social distancing indoors there is a limit of 6 people per room. Sadly, we aren’t able to engage in communal singing, and the wearing of a face-covering will be required indoors (unless you are exempt).

Everyone will have their own individual prayer card in their room so they can follow the Rhythm of Prayer. We ask you to use your own Bible or we can supply one for your visit.

As always on-site parents/guardians will be responsible for supervising their children at all times.


We ask that you only use the bathroom allocated to you.


One guest/household at a time, and ‘overflow’ space in adjacent room if needed.


Many areas in South Wales are in lockdown and you may be wondering if you can drive through an area affected by local lockdown to reach Ffald y Brenin.

Our understanding is, Yes you can travel through those areas… but you can’t stop. A Welsh Government spokesman has said: “If you have to travel along a road that passes through the area and you have no other reasonable option to travel to your destination, then this is allowed.”

For example, this means you could travel from Cardiff to Ffald y Brenin even though you would be going through affected areas. We recommend you ensure you have everything you need for your journey before setting off. (The Welsh Government has said you will be allowed to stop in the affected areas to get petrol if you are close to running out.)

If you live in an area in lockdown you will not be allowed to travel.

We eagerly await the day when everything returns to normal, but in the meantime, we appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate this strange season.

Cristina Orchard