When Phyllida and Peter Mould founded Ffald y Brenin in the 1980’s, they were caught up in a whirlwind of architectural renderings, government approvals and building budgets. Their incredible journey (with before-and-after photos!) is told in Phyllida’s book, From Vision to Reality.

Some people have the ability to see with their mind’s eye. They paint a picture where there is a blank page; they envision a building where there is only dirt. In places of lack, need or absence, they see beauty, form and function. Phyllida was one of those people. And her vision made God’s vision for Ffald y Brenin a reality. 

The current buildings have served the original vision well and it’s been a while since Ffald y Brenin undertook a building project. But as we’ve spent time in God’s presence prayerfully discerning how He wants us to steward this beautiful place, we’ve felt that it’s time to build again!


We’ve received approval from national park planners to build at least two ‘hermit huts’. We plan to build them ‘into the hill’ below the Day Room, so that they will blend naturally into the landscape with beautiful views overlooking the Gwaun Valley. This means that day visitors, people staying offsite, or perhaps those in ministry in Wales can plan time for study, prayer or worship, knowing they have a space allocated for them.

Since most of the retreat centre is difficult for people with mobility issues to navigate, we hope to make at least one of the huts accessible to those with disabilities.

We’ve marked off the areas where we hope to build the hermit huts and recently had a time of prayer as a team to dedicate our plans to the Lord. So if you visit Ffald y Brenin and see some peculiar markings flapping in the wind as you look out from the Day Room or Prayer Room, see it as an invitation to pray with us. We want every Ffald y Brenin building to have prayer as its foundation.  



As we look over the valley and think about all the people who will benefit from these hillside huts, we pray “Lord, may your kingdom come and your will be done on this piece of earth as it is in heaven.”

To give you a sneak peek, below are the renderings showing the proposed layout.


In addition to the huts, we also plan to set up more benches in secluded spots within the grounds. This will enable visitors to enjoy God’s beautiful creation and linger in His presence. Below is an example of one of the styles we are considering. 

Our desire is for the day retreat huts and benches to provide more space where you, our guests, can connect with God. Our initial target is to raise £50,000 for this purpose. If this vision resonates with you and you’d like to provide financial support, you can do so below. We invite you to pray with us and for us as we move forward with this exciting project!

If you’d like to make a Bacs transfer, our bank details are below:

Account name: The Ffald-y-Brenin Trust Limited
Name of Bank: The Co operative Bank
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Account No: 65617360