During lockdown we’ve made some much-needed upgrades here at the Centre.

Fire safety has been upgraded so that the Centre is now fully compliant with the latest legal requirements, including a fully automatic alarm system and new fire doors.

It was a blow to be advised by the Fire Safety Officer that the quaint, original doors with their fish closers had to go in spite of our pleas to retain them.

While we were sad to see them go, the builders have done an excellent job with the new doors, which suit the building beautifully and –most importantly – keep everyone safe.

We know many of you love those old doors, so we want to give you the unique opportunity to have one! If you are able to manage the transport, they are currently available in exchange for a donation to support Ffald y Brenin’s ministry, which is especially welcome at this time.

Please contact the office at admin@ffald-y-brenin.org or 01348 881419 to express your interest.

ABOVE: The process of removing the old doors.
BELOW: Our new fire doors

BELOW: the old doors with the fish closures. Please contact us if you’d like one.