Scottish historian and essayist, Thomas Carlyle, said that “the work an unknown good man has done is like a vein of water flowing hidden underground, secretly making the ground green.” This could be said in an even richer sense about Friends of Ffald y Brenin, whose regular support and prayer behind the scenes undoubtedly brings flourishing to this place.

We wanted to interview one of our Friends, Sally McIver, who has been a Friend of Ffald y Brenin for 12 years. Not only have we loved getting to know Sally over the years, but we also love her beautiful paintings – some of which she’s created at Ffald y Brenin.

What is a Friend of Ffald y Brenin?

A Friend is anyone who gives regularly to the ministry. Friends also have the opportunity to attend Friends’ weekends and receive prayer news.

How did Friends of Ffald y Brenin start?

From its early days, Ffald y Brenin has been a place of spiritual refreshment and blessing. Some people wanted to give something back – to pray and sow into the retreat centre financially (with any amount) regularly. This is how the Friends started, their name recognising the special relationship they have with the ministry.

What motivated you to become a Friend?

I could see that God was very busy at Ffald y Brenin and wanted to join in with His work there in whatever way I could!

What do you love about being a Friend?

I can’t be involved on the ‘frontline’ of Ffald y Brenin but I love the fact that I am still a part of things.

Tell me what happens on a Friends weekend – how is it different from any other visit to Ffald y Brenin?

A Friends’ weekend is like any other guest weekend, except everyone is either a Friend or a Team member, and there’s at least one gathering to share vision, encouragement and prayer for Ffald y Brenin.

There is a great atmosphere because we all have an interest in what’s happening in the ministry. Most of the weekend is free to do whatever we choose but there are lovely informal get-togethers to eat, to hear more of the ‘behind the scenes’ stories and pray for the team and work.  

What has been one of your favourite moments from a Friends weekend?

There was a storm raging outside but we were all tucked up cosily in the dining area hearing the latest testimonies of what God was doing. A Day Visitor joined us and decided to become a Friend and the fire of the Lord was very present whilst the winds howled and the rain poured down outside. 

How to Become a Friend

If you’d like to journey with us as a Friend, you can get started by clicking here. Or if you prefer, you can call the office at (+44) 01348 881419. Jeanette, who administrates the Friends list, can explain the process.

As a Friend, you will receive:

  • A free copy of From Vision to Reality, the story of how Ffald y Brenin was founded
  • A Friends newsletter with regular updates
  • An invite to our twice-yearly Friends’ weekends
  • Advance notice of booking availability

Thank you for prayerfully considering sowing into the ministry at Ffald y Brenin. We hope to see you here soon!