40 Stories of Hope: How Faith Has Changed Prisoners’ Lives


By Catherine Butcher

Forty prisoners, prison chaplains and ex-offenders tell stories of the hope that they have found, how forgiveness can be discovered in the most unlikely places, and how knowing Jesus changes lives forever.

Each faith-inspiring story is accompanied by verses from the Bible and a thought for the day, and can be read at any time by individuals or groups, inside and outside prison. Weekly discussion notes to inspire personal reflection and facilitate group discussion are also included, making them ideal for reading during Lent.

Find fresh hope as you use this book and allow it to help you come closer to the source of all hope Jesus, the central character in all the stories you will read.

Created in partnership with Prison HOPE and compiled by Catherine Butcher. Catherine Butcher is the communications director for HOPE, an initiative working to connect the Church with local prisons. Foreword by Justin Welby. 

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