From Vision to Reality (Bundle of 3)


Has God placed a Kingdom vision on your heart that you long to make a reality?

In 1978, Phyllida Mould was given a vision that would eventually become Ffald y Brenin:

“A backwater where people may come for a short time to rest and recuperate from the turmoil and stress of life. Where they may find beauty, love and peace. Where they may be still in God’s presence, and perhaps receive a new glimpse of Him – to go away refreshed and healed.”

Six long years later, Phyllida and her husband, Peter, first laid eyes on the property that would become Ffald y Brenin. Most would have dismissed it as a hard-to-reach farm with high winds, old buildings and an asbestos roof, but the Moulds envisioned a place of retreat with verdant gardens, monastic rooms and beautiful views. A perfect place for people to rest and connect with God.

In From Vision to Reality, Phyllida shares the story of digging ditches, raising funds, designing rooms, building walls and planting gardens. But it’s much more than a property makeover story. Phyllida weaves in her reflections on trusting God, waiting well and praying without ceasing. It’s for all who feel called to something more and long to partner with God to make His vision a reality in the world.

***Includes before and after photos of Ffald y Brenin!

Phyllida Mould was the founder of Ffald y Brenin, where she lived on-site for 28 years. She was born in Calcutta, India, and was brought up in Wales. She was an avid gardener, held a degree in Medieval French from Oxford University and had a heart for hospitality, simple living and prayer. Phyllida was wife to Peter, who co-founded Ffald y Brenin with her, and mother to Christopher, Jeremy and David. She passed away in 2021 at the age of 87.


"When Peter and Phyllida arrived in Wales, the ‘Good Life’ movement was at its height. They appeared to be just one more couple who would hack off the plaster of their house, rip up the floor and then get discouraged and move back to England. Yet, this was not a fanciful dream which evaporates in the daylight and is quickly forgotten. This was a vision given by the Lord himself. Read this book to learn where it all began and be warmed in your soul."
– Stuart Bell | Anglican Minister

"This powerful story is a paradigm for any vision that God gives to his people. The journey from inception to fulfilment needs a constant sensitivity to what God is saying at each stage. In that journey, the spiritual foundations are laid for its future ministry. All involved are changed and transformed, leaving them with a sense of awe and wonder – only God could do this."
– Canon John Hughes

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