How to Hear God: A Simple Guide for Normal People


By Pete Greig

Nothing could possibly matter more than learning to discern the authentic voice of God, but few things in life are more susceptible to delusion, deception, and downright abuse. When life falls apart and we need God’s comfort; in moments of cultural turmoil when we need his clarity; facing formidable decisions when we need his guidance; desiring a deeper faith when we need God to say something, anything, to turn the monologue we call prayer into a genuine conversation.

Having addressed God’s silence in God on Mute, and then How to Pray in his previous bestseller, Pete Greig is back to bring wisdom and guidance to one of the most pressing and perplexing aspects of universal Christian experience–How to Hear God. Exploring the story of Christ’s playful, poignant conversation on the road to Emmaus, Pete draws deeply from the insights of a wide range of Christian traditions. He weaves together the evangelical emphasis upon hearing God in the Bible, and the charismatic commitment to hearing God in the prophetic, with the contemplative understanding of God’s “still, small voice” within.

Pete Greig is the Senior Pastor of Emmaus Rd church, and the bewildered founder of 24-7 Prayer, an international, inter-denominational movement of prayer, mission and justice operating in more than 100 countries.


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"Trying to hear God can seem like a mysterious quest, and we can feel a bit lost and discouraged. At those times, we need some help, and Pete has given us some great guidance. Rooted in Scripture and filled with the experiences of many who have gone before us, this book shows that God really does speak to us and gives us some clear paths to hear him when he does."
–Dr. Henry Cloud, psychologist and New York Times bestselling author

"Pete never fails to make my soul tremble with the good news of God's presence and guidance and invitation to pray. This book is sweet and salty--a perfect spiritual snack of deep spiritual truths with real-life wisdom and brevity. It's made me thirsty for living water, which is exactly the intent. I pray you will get this book, read it, and then get ten more to give to your friends. It will change lives."
–Danielle Strickland, speaker, author, and advocate

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