A Non-Anxious Presence: How a Changing and Complex World Will Create a Remnant of Renewed Christian Leaders


Crisis always precedes renewal.

For much of recent history, flourishing seemed to be the natural outcome of vision, planning, and execution. Barriers to a better world could be addressed and confronted with good organisation and proper management. But crisis is a great revealer, uncovering the weaknesses in our supposedly solid strategies and bringing to light myths and idols we didn’t know we had.

Yet in the midst of the chaos of crisis comes opportunity. The history of the church tells us that crisis always precedes renewal. A Non-Anxious Presence shows how individual and corporate renewal happens after crisis, and how the posture of the church and its leaders can bring about a culture changed by Christ.

Mark Sayers is the senior leader of Red Church and the cofounder of Uber Ministries. He is particularly interested in the intersection between Christianity and the culture of the West. Mark lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife, Trudi, and their daughter (Grace) and twin boys (Hudson and Billy).


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"This is a message my soul has been craving: prophetic intelligence and fierce hope for those of us seeking to navigate the wreckage of recent events with integrity and a compelling vision. Mark Sayers is a voice I listen to and a leader I deeply respect. His insights are outworked at the coalface of a local church in a global city, and they are constantly tempered with prayerful attentiveness to the Lord. For those of us seeking to discern the difference between the Spirit of God and the spirit of the age, Mark is a trusted guide with a timely message."
– Pete Greig | Founder, 24-7 Prayer | Senior Pastor, Emmaus Rd Church | Author of How to Hear God: A Simple Guide for Normal People

"This is the leadership book I've been waiting for in this season of chaos, disruption, and transition. In A Non-Anxious Presence, Mark not only shows us how we got to where we are, he provides a hope-filled path forward. We discover that the wilderness provides an opportunity for renewal, which is exactly what leaders need to lead in these times of constant change."
– Christine Caine | Founder A21 & Propel Women



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