Recovering His Reputation: The Ministry of a Late Developer


What is really going on when a church grows? In a book which distils reflections on quarter of a century of ministry based in a growing church, Canon Stuart Bell answers that question. His answer takes the reader on a journey of exploration, into strategies and plans, but still more into the spiritual heart of Christian leadership. These unfolding reflections bring us face to face with the disciplines and struggles, the joys and the challenges of walking with Jesus daily, in order to serve a church which aimed to ‘Recover His Reputation’.

"Stuart has distilled a career’s worth of wisdom into this volume, which is immensely readable, forthright and practical, especially for anyone in church leadership. He writes with compelling honesty and humility – I wish I could have read this book when I first began ministry. There are foundational principles here which are well worth the attention of church leaderships everywhere."
– Clive Orchard, Warden, Ffald y Brenin

“Overflowing with honesty, wisdom and insight, it should be compulsory reading for all who are called to be shepherds of God’s flock. Recommended with our reservation.”
– J. John, International Evangelist

“I did not expect an account so gripping and challenging in every chapter…My advice is to buy the book now. I could save a lot of grief later!”
– Elaine Storkey, Philosopher, sociologist, theologian

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