Ffald y Brenin is a storied place. God has met many people here over the years, and each story has its own shape.

Some have been dramatically healed. Some have met Jesus for the first time. Others have discovered a new life-giving rhythm, received a timely word from the Lord or experienced the gentle comfort of the Holy Spirit in a season of loss. Some have received direction or clarity. And many have experienced God’s refreshing rest.

What about you? Is there a moment that comes to mind from your time at Ffald y Brenin that sticks with you? Have you been encouraged or strengthened in your faith by spending time here? Has something in your life been different following your visit?

We would love to hear your story!

Don’t be intimidated. Your story does not have to be gradiose or ‘impressive.’ It can be a small green shoot, pointing prophetically to God’s bigger reality. What matters is that it is personal to you. And you never know how your story can bless and encourage others.

Would you be willing to share?


  • Please submit your story here.
  • Keep it fairly short – max 300 words.
  • We may want to share some stories with our wider Ffald y Brenin community. Do let us know if you give us permission for this (we would use your first name). If your story is intended for our team alone, let us know and we’ll make sure to keep it private. 
  • If you sense that God has given you a prophetic word or picture for Ffald y Brenin, we’d love to hear it.

We look forward to hearing how God has worked in your life. May you remember that as you share our story, you are ultimately telling his story. Collectively, our stories weave a beautiful tapestry that glorifies our good God.