A contemplation on Luke 2 v 21-40.

Imagine being at the Temple on the day that Jesus was presented to the Lord. He would have been a babe in arms with his mum and dad, nothing spectacular or unusual to behold. No neon signs to indicate that God had come to earth, and certainly no pomp or ceremony. To the human eye he was the newborn son in a simple and ordinary family. The Temple would have been functioning as it did every day; priests making sacrifices on behalf of the people who brought them, each with their own story and circumstances, oblivious to WHO was in their presence.

But there were two people in the Temple whose eyes were looking beyond the ordinary circumstances of the day.

Simeon, who had been promised he wouldn’t die before he saw the long-awaited deliverer, was moved by the Spirit to go to the Temple. As soon as this humble family came in, he instantly recognised HIM, and taking the child in his arms, burst into praise. 

Anna, who spent every day at the Temple, also recognised this child of significance and shared this hope with many others. Simeon and Anna were filled with joy and hope that day. To the naked eye there was nothing spectacular happening, but to those who had eyes to see, life changing revelation was unfolding right before them. 

What about us? This story presents you and me with an invitation: we could be like the people who came to offer sacrifices at the Temple that day; caught up in our religious practices, our own stories, the current COVID wave, and miss Jesus completely…or we could ask for the spiritual sight to see where Jesus is present in our homes, workplaces, communities. Seeing with spiritual eyes brought such hope and joy to Simeon and Anna, and I believe God wants to give that gift to you and me during this season too. If we can’t see with heaven’s sight, all we need to do is ask God to open our eyes. 

Why not take a moment to be quiet and wait on Him and you’ll be amazed at what you begin to see?

A Christmas Blessing:

I bless you in the name of Jesus with eyes to see where the Lord is at work in every sphere of your life. This Christmas, I bless you with fresh revelation that will bring the hope and joy of Simeon and Anna into your heart and into your home. Amen

Photo by Gareth Harper – Unsplash.com