One of the best things about being a team member at Ffald y Brenin is that we get a front-row seat to what God is doing in the lives of guests. Phyllida Mould, the founder of Ffald y Brenin, had a simple vision of creating space where people can meet with God. He is the one who knows what people need. We often pray for our guests and are delightfully surprised by how He meets them right where they’re at.

Chris Gardiner has such a story.

“I had struggled with anxiety, depression and self-hatred for a long time. I searched for a way out trying; self help, new age practices and then Buddhism, which I did for 10 years. This gave me some peace, but left me pessimistic and resigned to seeing life as something to endure.

I developed an interest in Christianity after a friend from work invited me to his church. I had done many Buddhist retreats so decided to try a Christian one. I was recommended Ffald y Brenin. After three days I was ready to leave. People were praying in tongues and very enthusiastically. I felt like an impostor. 

I stuck with it and on the day before I left something incredible happened. A lady asked me to pray for her, which I hadn’t ever done out loud before for anyone. When she prayed for me, I saw a clear picture of her with her children. I saw how deeply she loved them yet also how vulnerable they were in the world. A greater love surrounded them, a love brilliant and perfect which I had never seen before. Witnessing it released all the pain I had held onto, pouring out through me in tears. I felt and heard God and knew he was real and how much he loves us. 

My life changed significantly from that point, and with all the darkness that left me, I had found a new hope and freedomI’ve been walking this new journey now for almost seven years and it has been the best years of my life.”

Chris is now a beloved ‘regular’ at Ffald y Brenin, often volunteering his time and staying in the same room where he came to faith as a way to celebrate and remember what God has done in his life. This photo he took of a swallow dancing outside the Chapel represents the wonderful freedom we have in Christ. Our God is so good!

Do you have a story of how God has met you at Ffald y Brenin? We’d love to here it! You can share it here.