Our first few weeks working here at Ffald y Brenin were dramatic… two major weather systems took out the phones and internet and COVID took hold, causing the centre to close a month after our arrival. All this amidst getting to know new people, new ways, and a new place! But very soon after I had arrived I clearly sensed the Lord speaking to me: that Ffald y Brenin needed a team leadership.

I have been on teams for most of my adult life with mixed success, but my involvement in church leadership has always involved team: sometimes I was leader, sometimes there was no leader and sometimes someone else led the team. God is Team: Father, Son and Spirit; and the Body of Christ is a patchwork of diverse gifts and functions ‘fitted and held together by what every joint supplies’. There is simplicity in having a single voice to give a lead, but a team gives the possibility for God to express Himself more fully through the tapestry of varied personalities and gifts.

As we begin a new year, albeit in the midst of ongoing challenges and anxiety around us, I am thrilled to introduce Ffald y Brenin’s new leadership team to you. Cristina and I have invited Anne de Leyser and Anna Huws to join us, names with which you may well already be familiar.

Anne has headed up the Local Houses of Prayer ministry of Ffald y Brenin for several years now, inspiring hundreds worldwide to bless their local community and see His kingdom come.  Her joining the leadership not only reinforces the place of LHOPs within Ffald y Brenin’s ministry, but it also means we have the benefit of Anne’s considerable leadership experience and passion for God’s Presence and His kingdom.

Anna, who lives in North Wales, worked at Ffald y Brenin for five years and has a deep passion to see Wales reawakened to the power of the Gospel. Her heart for the nations also took her to India on mission some years ago and she brings a deep commitment to walking in step with the Holy Spirit.

We would value your prayers, especially for the four of us, as we embark on this new journey together; we have a distinct sense that, just as wild geese adopt a flying formation to achieve their journey, God is preparing new formations for His purposes.

p.s. Want to hear the team introduce themselves? Watch our January Prayer Day video!

Clive Orchard

Cristina Orchard

Anne de Leyser

Anna Huws