Lives from a Black Tin Box: Martyrs of the Boxer Rebellion, Their Chinese Church Today & the Power of Prayer


By Prudence Bell with Ronald Clements

And into the stillness fell the cold cry of command: “Sha! Kill!”

In 1900, Herbert Dixon and his Welsh wife, Elizabeth, were brutally murdered for their Christian faith in Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province, China. Lives from a Black Tin Box records not only their tragedy, but also the ultimate victory as Prudence Bell visits the scene of their deaths and receives a moving welcome from the Chinese church her great-grandparents founded 120 years before.

An amazing collection of family documents has enabled Prudence to capture vividly the missionaries’ lives: their childhoods in London and South Wales, their marriage, and their deep faith. Their story is also a poignant testimony to the power of a mother’s prayer over six succeeding generations.

Prudence Bell grew up in Devon not too far from her grandfather, the son of Herbert and Elizabeth. She now lives in Wales and is a trustee of Ffald y Brenin.
Ronald Clements is a writer and researcher who has lived in Fujian Province in China.

"A vividly told and deeply moving story of love, witness, and martyrdom."
–Archbishop Rowan Williams

"An enthralling story of medical missionaries caught in the conflict of the Boxer rising." 
–Jennifer Rees Larcombe

"Prudence Bell's words riveted listeners ... I'm delighted that the story is now here in much greater detail." 
–Rev Roy Jenkins, BBC Broadcaster and Baptist Minister


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