Redeeming Prophecy: A Practical Guide to Authentic Prophetic Ministry


By Richard J. Roberts

There is a need to re-examine the practice of prophecy today.

Prophesy is widely practised:
There are an estimated 600 million Charismatic & Pentecostal Christians in the world today and many regularly exercise prophesy, words of knowledge and words of wisdom.

Prophesy is Powerful:
Many individual lives have been changed and many churches transformed through the gifts of revelation, including dreams and visions.

Prophesy is controversial:
Some argue that prophesy and other gifts of the Spirit are no longer operative and recent high profile misguided ‘prophesies’ have brought the gift into disrepute. How can we negotiate the confusion and the conflicting views that surround the use of prophecy in the contemporary church?

We See in Part evaluates prophecy today using the lens of scripture and of church history. Informative and accessible, questions addressed include:

  • How do we actually receive and communicate prophecy?
  • How can we evaluate the content of a prophetic word?
  • Can we distinguish between the human and divine elements of prophecy?
  • What makes someone a false prophet?
  • What safeguards and protocols should be in place?
  • Is there an overlap between ‘natural’ intuition and prophecy?
  • How can we evaluate political prophecies?

Watch Richard’s interview with Clive at Ffald y Brenin here.

Richard Roberts holds qualifications in medicine, theology, and counselling. He has experience in church leadership and as a theological educator. Richard is a trustee of the International Charismatic Consultation and of Ffald y Brenin retreat centre in Wales. Since 2012 he has been involved in official contact between the New Charismatic Churches (non-denominational) and the Vatican. He is the author of Cultivating God’s Presence: Renewing Ancient Practices for Today’s Church.



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“Richard’s book is an insightful and timely thought-provoker for anyone who appreciates the benefits of prophetic ministry. He draws on personal and professional experience to bring a rich breadth of insights that I am sure will benefit individuals and congregations.”
–Clive Orchard, Warden, Ffald y Brenin Retreat Centre, Wales

“Richard’s book offers helpful insights addressing some of the very issues and concerns we have seen arise in the Church these last several years. If you want to explore the gift of prophecy, then I recommend Richard’s book as one of the guides on your journey towards deeper understanding, and towards appreciating the various layers of prophetic ministry.”
Christy Wimber, Author, Director of Global Church Planting, Friends Churches

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